League Members,

It is now time to start thinking about golf season again. We are planning on starting on April 26th this year. First of all I need to know who is planning on playing. I would ask that everyone to contact their team captain to let them know ASAP if they plan on playing again. Then the team captains should contact me and let me know if their team is full or not. Please look at the website if you don’t remember who you played with last year and their contact information should be there.
Things to note:
1) We are only going to play 16 weeks this year. Since there will be 2 weeks for aerification  that we won’t be able to play, 18 weeks would have put us into September and it’s hard to get people to show up after school starts.
2) The price will go down but not a whole lot. Last year we didn’t charge quite enough to cover costs but made some up at the end of league with some no-shows. The course has raised the price to $28 plus tax per week.
3) We are not planning on having a pre-season meeting. Not many people show up for that anyways and I believe we can handle things through e-mail and the website.
4) If you have any constructive changes you would like to see made contact me and we can talk it over.
5) If you want to change teams I will try my best to get that done for you. Let me know.
6) We are always looking for players to fill teams so if you know someone who might be interested be sure and get them my contact information.
Doug Kreifels

Site last updated on 3-23-2017